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Journal Entry: Wed Dec 25, 2013, 3:20 PM


I ACCEPT POINTS COMMISSIONS by fordonia  Paypal Stamp by artist4com  

Star! Please read the following rules before ordering Star!

Bullet; Blue Commissions are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. (you can use it as a wallpaper, icon, avatar, gift for a friend, etc...anything personal only).

Bullet; Blue We can discuss about Comercial Commissions, but the price will vary. (for books, games, flyers, posters, etc...)

Bullet; Blue I'll post or show my commission artworks. If you want to keep it private, let me know, but I will charge more for it.

Bullet; Blue I'll update the status of your commission on my DeviantART page.

Bullet; Blue Time spent on commissions varies if I am busy at the moment or if the drawing is very complex, but it usually takes a few weeks to a month.

Bullet; Blue When your commission is done I will send a digital copy in high resolution (300 dpi) without watermark to your email. If you want me to mail the original artwork let me know (information on the bottom).

:new: :bulletblue: One slot per drawing for people who want to order multiple pictures.

:new: :bulletblue: The prices are now in EUROS because it's the currency used in my country.

• Original characters
• Realistic/ semi-realistic portraits (graphite only)
• Humanized Ponies
• Fantasy
• Fanart
• Yaoi/Yuri
• Erotic/Ecchi
:new: Anthros 
:new: Simple Mecha



• Pornography and total nudes
• Very complex spaces and environments
• Violence and gore

Star! Prices and Examples Star!

I prefer the prices in EUROS but I also accept US dollars.

I will do both traditional and digital art.
You can choose (the price is the same for each one):
• Markers
• Watercolours
• Colored pencils
• Graphite
• Ink
• Digital

Star! Sketches and Linearts Star! 
10€ / 1300 :points: (1 character) Graphite or pen. Might include a small amount of colour if it really needs.
Per additional characters 5€ / 600 :points:

• Examples

Jupiter Top by LonelyFullMoon  Saturn Dress by LonelyFullMoon  Magical Girl - Inktober 10/31 by LonelyFullMoon  Commission for DemiseMAN - Dollie by LonelyFullMoon  Sketching a skirt by LonelyFullMoon  Sketch for Purenai by LonelyFullMoon Special Sketch for Natamin by LonelyFullMoon  Spade sketch II by LonelyFullMoon  Sketch Commission for DubhVhar by LonelyFullMoon  Hello cutie - Inktober 15/31 by LonelyFullMoon

Star! Full Body Chibis Star! 
 15€ / 1900 :points: (1 character) They might include a simple background if you want.
Per additional character 10€ / 1300 :points:

• Examples

Stickers For Onimous-inukisan by LonelyFullMoon Chibi Freebie: Pixie by LonelyFullMoonTiny Fierce Metalheads by LonelyFullMoon Tiny Fierce Thorin - Commission for SanaraSachiko by LonelyFullMoon  Chibi Commission Set III by LonelyFullMoon  Chibi Commissions Set I by LonelyFullMoon

Star! Bust/Head Star! 
25€ / 3200 :points: (1 character) + 15€ for background / 1900 :points:
Per additional characters 15€ / 1900 :points:

• Examples

Butterfly by LonelyFullMoon  Lady Galadriel by LonelyFullMoon  CM- Jania Proudmoore by LonelyFullMoon  Reimu by LonelyFullMoon Commission for Linked-Memories by LonelyFullMoon

Star! Half Body Star! 
35€ / 4500 :points: (1 character) + 15€ for background / 1900 Points
Per additional characters 15€ / 1900 :points:

• Examples

Under the Sea by LonelyFullMoon  Halloween Miku by LonelyFullMoon  Bottle Miku by LonelyFullMoon   Autumn Breeze by LonelyFullMoon Another Elf Lady by LonelyFullMoon Sunflower by LonelyFullMoon  CM- Pixie for Akashimo by LonelyFullMoon   A Mermaid's Embrace by LonelyFullMoon Wedding Gift - Commission for Leslie (theterriblez by LonelyFullMoon

Star! Full Body Star!
45€ / 4800 :points: (1 character) + 15€ for background / 1900 Points
Per additional characters 15€ / 1900 :points:

• Examples


Turbo Kid - Apple by LonelyFullMoon  Volcanic girl Io - Inktober 5/31 by LonelyFullMoon  Lorelei by LonelyFullMoon  PokeTeam by LonelyFullMoon  Commission for Lostsanity4754 by LonelyFullMoon Fae Princess by LonelyFullMoon Commission for RufusBlackWing by LonelyFullMoon The Warmth of a Frozen Heart by LonelyFullMoon  Commission I for BlackEyeHawk by LonelyFullMoon Commission V for BlackEyeHawk by LonelyFullMoon

Star! Custom Stickers  Star!
Want some custom stickers? I can do your OC or any character you like. US Dollars and PayPal only.
You can order them on my Online Shop.

• Examples

Custom Stickers for Ren by LonelyFullMoon Custom Stickers III for Ren by LonelyFullMoon Stickers for Candice by LonelyFullMoon Custom Stickers for Karel by LonelyFullMoon Custom Stickers II for Ren by LonelyFullMoon

:heart: SPECIAL OFFERS :heart: - For every 30€ you order, you will receive a sketch (a clean and complete sketch) or 1 colored chibi for free! (you choose). So if you order something that costs 60€ you'll get 2 sketches or 2 chibis. 


Star! How to order Star!

If you are interested, please send me a note with the title "COMMISSION" (if you don't have a DA account, send your order to and include the following information:

• Type of commission.
• Copic, watercolours, or any media you want.
• How many characters you want.
• If you want more than 1 character, tell me if you want them in a single drawing.
• If you want background (simple or detailed).
• Character references.
• Character personality/age etc.
• Your email (so I can send the original digital copy to you)
• Your address (if you want the original artwork mailed to you)

Please, be as detailed as you can!

When I receive your order I'll tell you if I accept it and give you my paypal address.

I'll only begin working on your commission AFTER receiving the payment.

The original drawing (without watermark) will be sent to you in 300dpi as soon as I finish it.


Star! Shipping Star!

 Please note that I am shipping the original artwork to you, so there will be a small fee in the shipping price. 
• If you want the original, make sure you can really take care of it! I spent my time and effort into it and I don't want to send it to someone who can't be careful.
• I always ship with registered mail, and I ship worldwide. I'll give you the code so you can track it.
• The piece will be packed in a A4 or A5 envelope (depending on the size) between two cardboards to be protected.
• If you want a chibi mailed to you let me know when you order. I'll make the drawing in a A5 sheet. Otherwise I might not be able to mail it later.

:bulletgreen: European Union - 7€

:bulletgreen: International - 10€

(for more than 2 drawings the weight of the package will increase, so the price might increase a bit as well)


Star! Payment Star!

Paypal Stamp by artist4com  I ACCEPT POINTS COMMISSIONS by fordonia

Bullet; Blue PAYPAL : I'll tell you my PayPal account in a note.

Bullet; Blue POINTS : If you're going to use Points, please wait for me to confirm when you can pay. Because I'll add your request to the commission widget.

Bullet; Blue There are NO refunds, unless I am the one canceling the commission. (I don't want people canceling the order when I'm already working on it just because they decided they don't want it anymore. Believe me, it happens.)

Bullet; Blue When you send the payment to my account, please notify me.

Bullet; Blue I accept both full payment or half/half. You can pay me half the amount before I start drawing, and then pay the remaining when I show you a sketch.


If I don't finish your commission in a month don't worry! It's because probably I'm busy or the work is a bit complex. I NEVER forget my commissions! So don't panic because I'll get your commission done. If you want, you may ask if I'm working on your drawing and I'll send you progress photos.

If you urgently need your drawing, let me know. I won't charge more for that. But be reasonable. Do this ONLY if you really need it with some urgency. 

If you still have any question, feel free to ask! : )

:heart: ALL MY COMMISSIONERS so far (because I love you)
So many~ omg thank you so much! :iconuhuhuhuplz: 

:iconclassifiedlove: :icontheterriblezodin: :iconkarlouiie: :iconlinked-memories: :iconflyingguardianfish: :iconelleyferranis: :iconbolton-ramsay: :iconlostsanity4754: :iconincinerater: :iconteffito: :iconsanarasachiko: :iconkouta-senpai: :icondisasterphe: :icondannimondesigns: :iconmaripocket: :iconpslondon: :iconrufusblackwing: :iconakashimo: :iconxxcuteemmyxx: :iconsaraawayuki: :iconthenameugiveme: :iconseljlo: :iconx-lala: :iconnosesamachan: :iconblackeyehawk: :iconnatamin: :iconcutieclaire: :iconslorg121: :iconanhvan44: :iconnegi-king: :iconaiko-hirocho: :iconvixenoflight: :iconprojectmeka: :iconcopicuser101: :iconduckyduckie: :iconniwayu: :iconayuminazu::iconsiamesetwinsfan: :iconyuri-chan24: :iconhoshicchi: :iconmiyuki-tsukiyono: :iconpinkumii: :iconcalicot-zc: :iconazeeratheninja: :iconqueen-soulia: :iconabhie008: :iconrurinify: :iconamacchu: :iconkystia: :iconlufidelis: :iconsei-rei: :iconjedimobile: :iconshianaandtheskeleton: :iconvodkaakola: :iconpunkette180: :iconbarefoot-dreams: :iconatlamillia: :iconkagora12: 

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DubhVhar Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Oh my, I want to commission you :XD:
LonelyFullMoon Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2015  Professional General Artist
That would be great! :D If you want feel free to drop me a note :hug:
GamerGirl0608 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Can I please have a slot 2? Please!
LonelyFullMoon Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014  Professional General Artist
Sure! :) Just send me a note with your request sweetie! 
Jassi-Katz Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014
hnggggg >//////////< i hope that your slots are still open in april, i havent enogh money yet and you start only after the payment D///X AHHHHH *saves money*

wait for me XD
LonelyFullMoon Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Professional General Artist
I can save a slot for you if you want :) I'll wait! Don't forget me then! xD
Jassi-Katz Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014
that would be awesome |D ! im interessted in a halfbody comission with bg and two characters... with shipping it would be 45/46€ right ? between is it a4 size?
LonelyFullMoon Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014  Professional General Artist
Yes it will be 45€ :) You can pay in Euros if you want. And yes, it's A4 size. I will add you to my list
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